About the Mahwah Republican Club

The Mahwah Republican Club is a group of Township residents who share a mutual love of America and a strong belief in the principles our great nation was founded upon. We are committed to the preservation of our democracy, our government and the liberties we all enjoy as citizens of the United States, the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

We believe in proactive participation in the democratic process and support Republican candidates who strive to limit government’s involvement in the lives of citizens, believe in an efficient solvent government built on a strong economy where there is freedom for all to participate without the burden of ever increasing taxation.

As a group Mahwah Republicans like to think globally but act locally.  We are ever mindful of our role as citizens of the world and the responsibilities our great nation has to people around the globe.  We are also aware that, at its basic level, the workings of our democracy begins right here in Mahwah.  We have and will continue to play a role in policy, politics and good government starting here in our Town and at the County, State and National levels.  Please join with us.  Our club is always seeking new people with new ideas and new energy to make them a reality working with us.

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